Assembly Instruction - Gazebo Ireland

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Assembly Instruction

Please read carefully!

WARNING: Damage caused by incorrect assembly or storage is not covered by the warranty.

Depends on the size of the gazebo we recommend 2-4 persons for a proper assembly. 

 Setting up Pop Up Gazebo Ireland 

1. Place the center pole on the frame. (Skip this step if you’ve purchased gazebo with an aluminium frame)

2. Gently pull the frame apart until halfway extended. 

3. Attach the canopy with the velcro straps by matching the frame corners.  First match the canopy top to the center pole, then match the frame corners. 

4. Hold onto the cross bars and open the frame until it is fully extended ( The canopy shall be attached on the frame already) .

5.  Push the cross bars up until it locks. 

6.  Step onto the foot pads and lift the legs up carefully until the locks click.

 Disassembly of Pop Up Gazebo Ireland  

1.  Disconnect the walls at the corners of the tent and from the roof stucture.

2. Lower your gazebo by pressing pins on your gazebo legs.

2. Undo the canopy velcor fasteners. Please note, failure to do so may result in either bent struts or tears where the velcro is attached.

3. Pull and release the lock of your cross bar.

4. Gently push your frame closer torwards the center pole to loose the canopy. Please note, DO NOT push the frame with excessive force.

5. Remove the canopy carefully or leave it on the frame for a storage purpose. Fully collapse your frame. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure your canopy is completely dry before folding it up. Pull down the protective cover and store all parts of the gazebo in a dry, frost-free place.
In order to avoid stains or dirt, before folding the tent it is necessary to clean the base, frame, canopy side covers and allow the roof sheathing to dry completely , at the end  pull down the protective cover and store the tent in this manner.